Leptospermum and its Relatives - Plant Profiles: 1

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For photographs and information on selected species and cultivars of Callistemon and Melaleuca, go to the Callistemon and Melaleuca sections of the ANPSA website, respectively.

Agonis baxteri Agonis flexuosa Beaufortia decussata Beaufortia orbifolia
1. Agonis baxteri 2. Agonis flexuosa 3. Beaufortia decussata 4. Beaufortia orbifolia

Beaufortia schaueri Beaufortia sparsa Beaufortia squarrosa Calothamnus graniticus
5. Beaufortia schaueri 6. Beaufortia sparsa 7. Beaufortia squarrosa 8. Calothamnus graniticus

Calothamnus hirsutus Calothamnus quadrifidus Calothamnus sanguineus Eremaea beaufortioides
9. Calothamnus hirsutus 10. Calothamnus quadrifidus 11. Calothamnus sanguineus 12. Eremaea beaufortioides

Kunzea affinis Kunzea ambigua Kunzea baxteri Kunzea capitata
13. Kunzea affinis 14. Kunzea ambigua 15. Kunzea baxteri 16. Kunzea capitata

Kunzea capitata - white Kunzea ericifolia Kunzea opposita  
17. Kunzea capitata
White form
18. Kunzea ericifolia 19. Kunzea opposita  

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