Hakea - Further Information

Most books dealing with Australian native plants will contain useful information on the botany and horticulture of hakeas. Some of the most detailed references are listed below.


  • Elliot W R and Jones D (1990), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, Vol.5, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne.
  • Holliday I (2005), Hakeas: A Field and Garden Guide, Reed New Holland, Sydney.
  • Raleigh R (1996), Hakea, Identification booklet prepared for Hakea Weekend, October 1996, SGAP Victorian Region and Wimmera Growers of Australian Plants.
  • Wrigley J and Fagg M (1989), Banksias, Waratahs and Grevilleas, Collins Publishers Australia.
  • Young J A (2006), Hakeas of Western Australia: A Field and Identification Guide, published by the author.


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Hakea.

  • Vol 7, No 59 June 1974; Descriptions of many species; The Hakea multilineata group.
  • Vol 8, No.67 June 1976; Detailed description of the botany, biology and distribution of the H.sulcata group; Description of H.bakeriana.
  • Vol 9, No.72 September 1977; Descriptions of eastern species with photographs.
  • Vol 11, No.90 March 1982; Research into grafting of Western Australian species.
  • Vol 21, No.165 December 2000; Growing Hakea; Spectacular Hakea; More research into grafting of Western Australian species


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