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A Blue-tongue in My Garden

Jeff Howes

I have three baby Eastern Blue-tongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides) at my place. They are only 20 cms long and I thought readers would like a picture of them for no other reason than to see how well camouflaged they are amongst the leaf litter and mossy rocks.

The one in the picture is starting to shed its skin near its front left leg.

They are quite common in Sydney and I am quite happy to have them in my garden as it indicates I have created a good 'native like' habit for them as they usually live where there is lots of ground cover plants such as Dianella, Lomandra, grasses and ample leaf litter. They shelter at night amongst leaf litter or under large objects on the ground such as rocks and logs.

A Blue-tongue in My Garden  A Blue-tongue in My Garden
A Blue-tongue in My Garden (Photos: Jeff Howes)

The Australian Museum's Fact Sheet has further information on these fascinating creatures.

From 'Blandfordia', the newsletter of the North Shore Group of the Australian Plants Society.

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