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Backyard Insects - Paul Horne and Denis Crawford

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Love them or fear them, we can't avoid insects. From aphids to flies, ladybirds to wasps, insects of all shapes and sizes share our homes and gardens.

In every house and garden in Australia there are many species of insects, but how do you recognise them? Some insect specialists describe and define what makes one species different from another. This book is not written for the specialist but for anyone who wants to know a little more about the insects that share our homes and gardens.

Now in an updated and fully revised edition, the best-selling Backyard Insects explores the fascinating secrets and habits of more than one hundred bugs that are common to backyard Australia. Crawling with full-colour, larger-than-life photographs for easy identification, Backyard Insects is an indispensable guide for nature lovers, gardeners and kids of all ages.

Backyard Insects

Paul Horne and Denis Crawford
The Miegunyah Press, Melbourne University Publishing, 2005.
RRP $24.95
Soft cover, 252 pages, colour photographs

From Land for Wildlife Queensland, the State newsletter of Greening Australia's Land for Wildlife Program, Queensland, Autumn 2007.

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