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Back Issues

The fact that we can offer a Back Issue means that we have been around long enough to publish a second issue (don't all cheer at once!) Will there be two Back Issues in 3 months time? Ah...the suspense of it all.....

At this stage we plan to keep the two most recent Back Issues available for direct access via the World Wide Web and archive older ones. It would be desirable if the archived issues could be downloaded as required by FTP. However this couldn't be done through our present Service Provider. If you have any suggestions on how Back Issues could be kept readily accessible for those who require them, we would be delighted to hear from you. Email any thoughts to the Editor.

Available Back Issues

Contents of Issue No.1 - March 1996
  • Floral Emblems - Acacia pycnantha (Australia)
  • Flannel Flowers
  • Phosphorus and Iron Nutrition
  • Early Dutch Views of the Australian Flora
  • A Different View of Plant Pests
  • Australian Plants in California
  • Grafting Mint Bushes
  • Short Cuts - Grevilleas from Seed; History of Callistemon Cultivation; Legionnaire's Disease; Seed Treatment for "Pea"-Type Plants; Ethics of Non-Indigenous Plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

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